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My wife has been taking Mag-Tab for several years. Some years ago we learned we could buy in the 1000 tablet container thus saving a lot of money. Mag-Tab was prescribed by her cardiologist because of low level magnesium in her system.

Jack J.

I have to take this as I had a pituitary tumor removed. I need the replacement Magnesium and this product gives me the extended release that I need. I buy the 1000 size because it is the best value that I can find. Much cheaper than I used to get in town and it is delivered to my door.

Becky N.

I have been taking the Mag Tab SR for at least 8 years now and it certainly works much better than anything else on the market for long lasting magnesium supplementation. There is no stomach distress or diarrhea with this form and they are easy to take. The large quantity bottle of 1,000 is economical and handy. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the ladies of the ordering and processing dept. are. I receive my meds so quickly with the least expensive form of shipping. Once I had to have them in a very short amount of time and was going to order with a higher rate of shipping but the staff informed me that in all honesty it was not going to get there any faster for the higher rate. I have never had one negative issue with this medication or company in all these years. I will continue to use Mag-Tab SR for my choice of long acting supplementation.

Susan S.

I’ve had malabsorption problems a good part of my life. I was very deficient in Magnesium. Taking regular magnesium tablets only made matters worse by causing diarrhea. With Mag-Tabs, I can get my Magnesium without the diarrhea. It is a Godsend!

Deborah B.

I was experiencing skipped beats and went to my cardiologist who checked my magnesium level and found it low. She said that the Mag-Tab SR caplets was what she wanted me to take because the body absorbed more of this specific medication than of other magnesium supplements. I have been on this for several years now and unless I do something stupid like forgetting to reorder in time, I have had no further skipped beats. Great product. Wish was a little less expensive since I have to take so many (3 tabs a day).

Sam A.

Magnesium has been difficult for me to introduce into my system. I have tried other types with bad results(bloating, intestinal upset and “the runs”). I did some research on this type of mag. it is the most absorbed into our systems. I am sleeping better, have less constipation, less muscular spasms, more energy. I started with 2 tabs 3 times a day for a few days then went to 2 caps 2 x day reducing to the 1 cap. x 2 day. I have read there is more research being done on mag. levels and disease. do your research when choosing any remedy!

JT T., October 2011

Excellent product. Magnesium with no intestinal side effects. Excellent service from the provider.

Margaret M., November 2014

Mag-Tab SR changed my life and saved my career. I was leaving work at least once a week because of my health condition. Had to be in a dark room with no light or sound for hours. Since I’ve been on MagTab®SR, I have not had to leave work. Love this product.

Dan B., 31

Mag-Tab is wonderful works great. The price is right from this provider. It showed up ahead of time. I give it and them a 5 stars rating. I have been taking Mag-Tab for over 10 yrs.

Debra O., September 2013

Recommended by my doctor to take and it works!

Grace L., October 2014

Very quick to fill order! My husband was going to run short on this wonderful supplement and formerly purchased it from our doctor which happens to be 1.5 hrs away. So i thought to order online and was amazed how seamless and quick the order and fulfillment process was. Very fast to deliver!!

Denise D., August 2014

I have been using this product for several years. The one thing I like about it over some of the others is that it is time released. I have tried on two occasions to go to another brand, but have always come back to the Mag-Tab SR Caplet. I highly recommend. Good product!!!

Jody J., February 2014

For anyone who takes diuretics- or for some other health reason- suffers from a magnesium deficiency, these slow release tablets are a godsend. Instead of racing through your system like a conventional magnesium supplement- which can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, etc.- taking this product allows a steady release of magnesium.

I’ve been taking these for years at a relatively high dose level and can attest to the consistency and effectiveness of Mag-Tab SR. No more return of “pins & needles” sensation in my fingers and toes when the levels fall too low between doses of a non SR tablet.

Of course the price is higher, but these tablets are well worth the benefits to your health of a reliable time-release action.

Miller J., December 2014


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