Mag-Tab®SR Upgrade Overview

Over the years Mag-Tab SR’s sustained release formulation has proven to be the most bioavailable, best absorbed, and easy on the stomach magnesium supplement available for people with magnesium deficiency. We have always endeavored to employ the highest quality manufacturing cGMP standards available and will continue to do so.
We are very proud that Mag-Tab SR is now “Yellow Dye Free” and “Film Coated White” for “Easier Swallowing”. We consider this to be a significant improvement for all customers. In addition, we have done so without increasing your cost. Mag-Tab SR remains the same reliable formulation that has been effectively and safely used for 27 years.
  • Same Reliable Sustained Release Formulation
  • Now Yellow Dye Free
  • Now a White Coated Caplet
  • Now Easier to Swallow
  • Gluten Free

Doctor Recommended For:

  • Diet and Drug Induced Mg++ Deficiency
  • General Magnesium Supplementation
  • Around-the-Clock Absorption on a bid Dose Through Sustained Release
  • A Better Alternative to Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Chloride
  • A Magnesium Supplement that’s Easier on the Stomach

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