Why Mag-Tab®SR is the Best Magnesium Supplement

It can be extremely frustrating trying to select a credible magnesium supplement. You need to select one that your body actively absorbs and achieves elevating your magnesium levels. And of course, you want to experience the magnesium supplement actually working- that feeling of success as the alleviation of symptoms caused by magnesium deficiency begin to disappear and your health joyfully improves. Mag-Tab®SR is the magnesium supplement that can give you the experience.

Most doctors are aware of only a few formulations of magnesium supplements, primarily magnesium oxide which has an absorption rate of 2-4%- definitely not the choice for magnesium deficiency. The general public is tasked with researching, asking around, trying to figure out which brand is the best magnesium and worth the investment. There are some basic guidelines that you can easily learn to be able to read the label of a magnesium supplement with confidence.

The first step is just to know that the formulation of a magnesium supplement determines how much your body will absorb. You might have heard of magnesium oxide, citrate, the chelates and an array of others. But what exactly do all these terms mean and which one is the best for you?

Almost ALL oral magnesium products available have never undergone rigorous absorption efficacy trials. Unlike Mag-Tab®SR which has done these trials and can guarantee you an absorption rate up to 40%. Knowing the absorption availability of your magnesium supplement is absolutely crucial to your health and success with overcoming magnesium deficiency. The reality is that the different magnesium formulations currently available have significantly poor rates of absorption and do nothing to help you. You’re basically wasting your money.

The formulation of Mag-Tab® SR (sustained release) is magnesium L-lactate dihydrate. Each caplet contains 84 mg of elemental magnesium L-lactate dihydrate. Mag-Tab® SR’s formulation offers the highest clinically proven oral absorbency rate available as a magnesium supplement. We can guarantee you that when you select and take Mag-Tab® SR, you are making a wise and scientifically proven choice.
Dr. Steven Belknap, a clinical magnesium expert, summarizes our story from a doctor’s perspective:

Many physicians are familiar with the problem of poor bioavailability of most magnesium salts, including the ‘oxide,’ the most widely-available available oral formulation of magnesium. Patients with migraine, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, or ethanol abuse are often at risk for hypomagnesemia. The problem is that magnesium oxide is relatively insoluble in aqueous solutions, and is not effective in most patients when given as a supplement. Mag-Tab® SR is a sustained-release formulation of magnesium L-lactate dihydrate that provides controlled release of highly bioavailable magnesium in the gut lumen. Mag-Tab® SR provides an effective way to replete and maintain magnesium levels in the body.

Dr. Steven Belknap, MD, FACP, FCP Assistant Professor
Hospital Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Attending Physician, Jesse Brown VA Hospital, Chicago IL

When taken twice daily, Mag-Tab® SR allows for a prolonged slow release of magnesium L-lactate into your gastro system over a 24 hour period. Thus, when absorbed, it allows the kidneys to more effectively distribute the magnesium you need back to your body’s cells. Many people who have taken Mag-Tab® SR for years had it originally prescribed by doctors who were familiar with this process.

Mag-Tab® SR has an exceptional absorption rate, higher bioavailability, and low GI side effects. In fact, in over twenty-eight years, two hundred plus million doses of Mag-Tab® SR have been recommended by physicians to people needing our product’s attributes.