What are Mag-Tab®SR caplets?

Mag-Tab®SR caplets are a 84 mg sustained release caplet formulation of magnesium L-lactate dihydrate. Unlike Slow-Mag® and other common magnesium supplements, the Mag-Tab®SR formulation will not swell or crack when exposed to normal room conditions.

Why is sustained release important?

The sustained release formulation when taken twice daily provides 24 hours of continuous magnesium absorption. This allows the kidneys to use and redistribute this important mineral more efficiently to the body’s cells.

What do Mag-Tab®SR caplets contain?

Each two caplet serving of Mag-Tab®SR contains 168 mg of magnesium L-lactate dihydrate plus FDA approved excipients to control the release. Please see the fact panel on the Shop Page for a list of all inactive ingredients which are all FDA approved.

Does one serving of a Mag-Tab®SR caplet fulfill my recommended daily allowance (RDA) of magnesium?

No. Each Two Mag-Tab®SR Caplet serving provide 40% of the RDA for adults. Please see the magnesium comparison chart contained under the Mag-Tab®SR Benefits section of the website. Also, key to note, Mag-Tab®SR is absorbed seven times better than common magnesium oxide tablets which may contain more elemental magnesium, but are poorly absorbed.

What side effects or contraindication does Mag-Tab®SR have?

The most common side effect is a mild laxation effect evidenced with minor loose stools. Most people taking Mag-Tab®SR do not experience this problem after a few days of therapy.

The only contraindication to Mag-Tab®SR is for people with kidney disease. Do not take Mag-Tab®SR if you have kidney impairment without the advice and direct supervision of a physician.

What dosage should I take of Mag-Tab®SR?

Two caplets taken twice daily provides 80% of the RDA of magnesium. For any other dosage above the RDA for magnesium, you should consult your physician.

Where can I purchase Mag-Tab®SR?

Mag-Tab®SR  is available here at magtabsr.com in the shop section as well as other online drugstores including Amazon. Mag-Tab®SR is also available in all 50 states through local pharmacies. Pharmacies can acquire Mag-Tab®SR from their local wholesale distributor. For international orders or inquiries, please call 1-800-677-0355 or email info@magtabsr.com.