Diet and Drug Induced Magnesium Deficiency

Diet and Drug Induced Magnesium Deficiency There are various reasons why a person may be magnesium deficient. Generally, up to 80% of Americans don’t consume the daily RDA of magnesium due to decreased amounts of magnesium in food and most people are unaware that they need to supplement it. However, there are other causes for lacking this essential mineral, outside of inadequate...
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Metabolic Health – Magnesium Deficiency and Metabolic Risk Factors

Magnesium deficiency contributes to the underlying causes of metabolic syndrome. Choosing a highly absorbable magnesium supplement such as magnesium lactate is a healthy strategy to prevent metabolic syndrome. What is Metabolic Syndrome? Metabolic Syndrome, which sounds like a metabolism disorder, actually describes the presence of three or more of the following conditions: Increased blood ...
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Magnesium, Headaches, and Brain Health

How Magnesium Aids in the Treatment of Headaches, Overall Brain Function Per Dr. Dennis Goodman M.D. in his book Magnificent Magnesium, many people who suffer from headaches are found to also lack sufficient magnesium. Dr. Goodman bases his information on research performed by Dr. Alexander Mauskop and his team at the New York Headache Center. Mauskop and his colleagues have shown that people wit...
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Insomnia and the Power of Magnesium

Most adults complain about not being able to get a good night’s sleep, and many are officially diagnosed with insomnia. What exactly causes insomnia and how can it be treated? The National Institute of Health lists the following symptoms as signs of insomnia: Lie awake for a long time before you fall asleep Sleep for only short periods Be awake for much of the night Feel as if you ha...
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How Safe Is Your Magnesium Supplement?

Doctors recommend Mag-Tab®SR not only for its superior absorption rate, but also because it is a pharmaceutical grade supplement. Unlike the majority of common magnesium tablets available in drug stores and health food stores, Mag-Tab®SR is a pharmaceutical grade sustained-release formulation. Mag-Tab®SR meets or exceeds all FDA standards for raw materials, manufacturing, chemistry controls, fi...
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Kidney Stone Prevention and the Role of Magnesium

Kidney stones occur when an abundance of minerals or salts, usually calcium oxalate, and less commonly, calcium phosphate or uric acid, form deposits inside your kidneys. When these crystallize, they form the “stones”. Kidney stones can be extremely painful to pass (those who’ve had them know!), and may cause damage to the kidneys, block the flow of the urinary tract, and and even inflict life-thr...
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Magnesium for Optimal Heart Function

Your heart depends on magnesium to function. A magnesium deficiency increases the risk for hypertension, or high blood pressure, in which blood flows through blood vessels (arteries) at higher than normal pressures. Adding a magnesium supplement such as Mag-Tab®SR can help relax the heart and maintain normal blood pressure, heart, and brain function.         ...
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Leg Cramps, Muscle Pain, and Magnesium

Many people experience leg cramps and muscle pain on a regular basis. Because of magnesium’s role in neuromuscular signals and muscle contractions, researchers have observed that magnesium deficiency is often the root cause. Magnesium cues your muscles to relax and not to spasm or contract. Pain medications can mask the symptom, but you are not addressing the actual issue of magnesium deficiency. ...
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