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Niche Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded in 1991 with goal of developing unique pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical products that could fulfill unmet medical needs, the likes of which major pharma companies would never focus on.

When current Chairman and CEO Steve F. Brandon founded Niche, he had already spent twenty extremely successful years with Marion Laboratories Inc., based in Kansas City. At Marion, Mr. Brandon had been involved heavily with educating physicians about the importance of calcium and bone health, specifically as it related to the value of a well-absorbed Marion supplement with the trademarked name of OSCAL. This product is still a high-selling calcium brand. Today, the calcium market is worth upwards of a billion dollars, and Mr. Brandon had the opportunity of nurturing it in the mid ‘70s, when it was only a few-million-dollar industry.

Mr. Brandon had seen the value and success that could be achieved with physician and consumer education within the calcium market. So, when Mr. Brandon first had the opportunity to acquire Mag-Tab® SR, he acted with excitement. His motivation in acquiring the product was due to a clear, unmet medical need. The Mag-Tab® SR acquisition came with a significant number of clinical studies showing the above average absorption rates that still separate Mag-Tab®SR from the rest of the market today.

Despite the magnesium supplement market being worth less than a few million dollars in 1991, Mr. Brandon recognized, after a thorough review of the extensive medical and scientific literature, how magnesium deficiency affects people and, in turn, how magnesium intake could benefit many people and promote a healthy life. He felt that physicians and consumers needed this magnesium supplement with superior absorption rates, superior bioavailability, and fewer GI side effects, so Niche officially acquired the product. Over the years, Mag-Tab® SR has proven itself as a superior product, and has a strong base of doctors who recommend it.

While Niche has had other products over the years, it has refocused completely on furthering magnesium education within the Internet generation, and providing physicians with the expertise they need to understand the true value of Mag-Tab® SR, particularly in regards to its superior absorption. Niche has dedicated considerable financial resources towards developing the first Rx oral magnesium product for the prevention of migraine headaches.

Through Niche, Mr. Brandon has helped countless people through magnesium education and supplementation, and looks forward to continuing his efforts for years to come.

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